Solar Panels & Battery Packages

The smart choice

Choosing solar panels to power your home is one of the smartest decisions you can make. It’s future proof. All good new homes now come with a renewable energy system. Solar panels being the main one.

The future of solar energy

It won’t be long till every home has some sort of renewable energy system to help prevent climate change. Why not start now with our great solar panel and battery deals. Our packages can be tailored to your home and budget. We guarantee we can provide you with the solution to your energy problems, quickly and at a price that suits you.

Store Your Energy

If you are looking on this page then you’re probably trying to find ways to cut your gas and electricity bills through solar power. If you don’t have solar panels already and are looking at investing in solar energy, why not buy one of our solar panel and battery packages. Not only do you get a solar power bank, you get the solar PV system to charge your battery. Buying them together means we can lower the overall cost – saving you even more on the initial cost.

Solar Panel and Battery Installation

The panels used nowadays have come a long way. They’re lighter, thinner and more economical. This makes them easier to fit. If they’re easy to fit, it’s going to cost you less. We can have your solar panels installed in a matter of days.

Cost cutting solar energy storage 

Saving money is on everyone’s mind. We all want that bit of extra cash. Why not save on the things you don’t want to spend money on, like electricity bills? Solar PV systems and batteries can let you do this.

The Energy Bank – Will it fit in my home?

Of course. Solar energy storage systems are incredibly compact. It’s no bigger than a combi boiler, which nearly every home has! We guarantee that we can put the battery pack pretty much anywhere in your home. Contact us now for a quick quote and see what solar panel and battery packages we can offer you today.

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