Energy Storage In Your Own Home

Find out here about how investing in a solar battery can help. Solar is the leading renewable energy source and you can now be a part of something bigger. Harvesting your solar energy will soon become the norm.

If you are looking to find out the difference between Duracell, Tesla and other storage systems such as Solar then we can try and help.

What Is A Home Battery Storage System?

Your new home battery is exactly what you think it is. A place to store electricity. Your home battery is just one that is charged from your solar panels during the day. You can then use this stored electricity during the night. It really is that easy. Once it has been installed into your home you can start storing right away.

Should I Store Electricity At Home?

Yes of course. Storing and saving electricity to use at night will be something every home does in the future. There are lots of reasons to store energy. The most important one to you is to save money on your bills. By using the energy in your battery you have charged up in the day time from your solar panels for free. This means you don’t have to use electricity from your electricity supplier who will charge you.

How you can buy a home battery

If you are wanting to store electricity at home then you need to buy a battery. If you have enough money you can just buy one from a supplier. You will need to get this installed by a professional who has been given permission by the battery maker and is qualified.

If you can’t afford to buy one you can pay monthly for one. You can do this by asking where you purchase your battery from if they offer finance. If they do this means you can spread the cost of your battery over months or years. If you do this you may not even have to pay a deposit so you can have storage system installed right away.

Do I Need Solar Panels?

Yes, you do if you want to use your battery for free. You can link up your battery to your normal system and charge it up but this will cost you money. If you aren’t using electricity during the day while your at work your battery will be charging for when you get home. If the sun has gone in then your solar panels won’t work. This is when the electricity in your home battery will be used. And it won’t cost you anything until it runs out. If it does run out then you can just use your normal electricity supply as normal.

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