Solar Batteries. Storing your solar energy

Solar battery storage is the perfect way to make the most of your solar panels 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Whether your looking to save more money or just trying to become less dependant on fossil fuels and the national grid then our solar batteries are just what your require.

solar battery stoarge

Using solar panels at night – Almost.

Everyone knows solar panels don’t work at night, but now you can use the energy generated in the day time at night when you need it most. Using state of the art modern lithium batteries you can keep your energy stored and on demand. What better way to save money.

Free electricity when you need it.

Under current feed in tariffs, if you aren’t producing enough solar energy then you have to buy back electricity from the national grid via your energy supplier. This comes at a greatly inflated price to what you sold to them for! A solar battery would end this extra cost at times when you need it.

The solar feed in tariff is ending!

From March 2019 new solar panel owners will no longer be able to get paid for money going back into the grid. With this being the case it makes complete sense to store all your extra energy rather than it go to someone else. This is the most cost effective way to use your solar panels.

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Protect yourself against rising energy costs!

Every year our gas and electricity prices seem to rise. Solar panels have been around for years now to help cut this cost. Solar Batteries can help cut this cost even further.

How Much Does a Solar Energy Storage Battery Cost?

If you want to just buy the energy bank on its own it will cost you. Installation costs varies from household to household. Contact us now to get a free quote from one of our experts.

Solar Battery Finance

If you cant afford the one of cost for a battery, then why not spread the cost with one of our great finance packages. We offer £0 deposit and exceptionally low %Apr on all our storage systems. We accept more and more people every day. Paying monthly for your solar battery means you can start saving on your electricity bill right away.

How do solar batteries work?

Your solar battery works just like any normal rechargeable battery, apart from the electricity is generated from the sun’s rays (UV Light), rather than from non renewable energy sources. This means that it is essentially free. Your battery will save all this converted energy via your solar panels. The size of your solar battery will depend on how much you can store. The bigger that solar battery they longer your can use it for at night.

How much does battery storage cost?

Using your solar battery is free. Using the solar energy that is stored is free. Your only cost is the initial outlay for for your storage system and installation. The actual cost will vary depending on your system, the size of the battery you require and where you are wanting the battery to be installed. Our Duracell solar batteries are small and compact, yet powerful and long lasting.

How much power can I get from a full charge?

Again this will depend on the power (kW/h) of your battery and how much electrical items your are using in your home. If your not using any electricity then your stored solar energy will be ready and waiting for when you do.

How long do the batteries last?

Most solar batteries come with a 10 year warranty. So you can be sure that for at least 10 years you will have a reliable source of electricity to keep your home going. They are very similar to the ones used in electric cars so you can be sure they are tried, tested & safe!

Solar battery installation

Due to advances in technology, batteries are getting smaller whilst their storage capacity is getting bigger! Installation of these energy banks has never been easier due to their compact size and ease of use. This brings down the cost of installation so getting one installed isn’t as costly as you would think.

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